Dance With Me

Dance With MeEmma Hix and Skylar Snow are getting ready to go to their highschool prom. They’re excited, though Emma is a little nervous about them going as girlfriends. Laying on her bed and rubbing her pussy, Whitney Wright bites her lip with pleasure as she watches a steamy sex scene on her laptop. Suddenly, her step-sister knocks on the door and Whitney hastily stops the video. When Gianna Dior’s mom arrives home, she casually introduces her to her shy girlfriend, Jade Baker. Since they’re hitting it off so well, Gianna asks if Jade can stay overnight. Although Alexis hesitates a little, she allows it — as long as the two girls in separate rooms. Athena Rayne is about to say something but is interrupted by her phone buzzing with a received text. That’s weird, she says absently. What?, asks Chloe Cherry. Well, her brother just texted her, but she thinks he actually meant to text someone else, Athena says. What does it say?, asks Chloe. “It just says ‘This is that website I was telling you about bro’ and then there’s just a link,” Athena says. “Click on the link!,” Chloe says, sliding next to her friend to look at the phone.