One Last Time

One Last Time. Paulina’s mom has a boyfriend, and that boyfriend has a son. They’ve just moved in to Paulina’s place, and needless to say, there’s some sexual energy between the two younger members of the household. Tiffany has a crush on her piano teacher Mugur. He’s so much older than her but he’s very sexy. It is always hard to concentrate with him around. She wants to feel his hands all over her. Stefany and Nick meet at their lawyer office to finalize their divorce papers. Stefany is taken by surprise by how much she’s still sexually attracted to Nick and before she knows it they’re ripping each other’s clothes off. Elin surprises Chris during dinner when she starts to play with his big fat cock under the table. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her feet wrapped around it, and he asks her if she wouldn’t mind putting her mouth all over it. Kira likes her mom’s new lover Lutro. Thankfully, he likes her too. Lately, though, things have gotten a little steamy and they both realize how much they want each other, and don’t want to fight it any more..